Royal baby names

I think they should either call the royal baby after my reaction to the birth announcement – O’Whoopi Doo – or call him /her Justin(e) Case.

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Yorkshire Day


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Earth Hour

Although I didn’t sign up as early as I did last year (I actually signed up for 2013’s Earth Hour before 2013 had even started) I’ve signed up for 2014’s WWF Earth Hour, which is on Saturday 29th March. Sign up at

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My 40th birthday

I turned 40 on Wednesday. I got a nice spring water spray with crystals in it, some money, a big bar of chocolate and a fascinating book called Constable Colgan’s Connectoscope by ex-policeman-turned-QI-elf Stevyn Colgan.

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Christmas 2013

I got £30, a Sudoku desk calendar (with a free pencil and a Sudoku for every day), a big bar of chocolate and Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment for Christmas.

I really feel that I surpassed myself with my Christmas dinner cooking this year (mind you, I say that every year).

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Pop-up shops

On Monday morning my upstairs neighbours were banging on my ceiling again. All I was doing was replacing a loo roll.
They were also banging on my kitchen ceiling on 23rd November while I was eating my breakfast. There is a picture of me taken later that day on the following link: (I’m on the third photo down and for people who don’t know me, I’m the one in the beige patterned coat). While I was there, I cuddled Dougie Poynter and he signed a photo of him modelling for Saint Kidd, writing “horrny” on it.

The following Saturday (30 November) I went to the pop-up shop at the Cornish Counter in Fulham. Izzy is absolutely lovely, as is her hubby whom I wasn’t expecting to be there. (Tom Fletcher was also there with Gi and her bump earlier in the day.) Anyhoo, Harry made me a cup of tea which was a contender for Best Cup Of Tea I’ve Ever Had. He also tweeted me: “@rcollinslister Thanks for coming today :-)”

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I thought McFly’s bassist and drummer were pop stars

McFly’s video for their new single Love Is On The Radio has made me realise that drummer Harry Judd is nothing more than a backing musician, as his face is not shown in close-up while he is playing the drums in the first part of the video and the three other people whom I’ve always considered to be members of McFly are shown in close-up in this part of the video.

Bassist Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd are never shown when McFly perform on television shows, and I know from reading McFly’s book Unsaid Things that neither Poynter nor Judd signed, or are named on, McFly’s record contract – though I always thought that Poynter and Judd were at least half-members of McFly (Dougie Poynter is probably shown in close-up while McFly play the song in the first half of the new single’s video only because – unlike Harry Judd at the back who is not shown in close-up playing the drums in the first half of the video – he is as popular with Galaxy Defenders as Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones are).

Although I’m banned from McFly gigs (apparently because they think my hemi symptoms are faked to make fun of what Judd and Poynter look like) I sneaked into BT London Live plus their set in Oxford Circus last November, and security people and others involved in these events knew that drummer Harry Judd is not a member of McFly.

The video for their new single proves that McFly have contempt and hatred for the minority of their fans who think drummer Harry Judd is handsome enough to be a pop star. If McFly do not want any of their fans to like Harry Judd they should not have had him in photographs, that shitey movie Just My Luck (which should never have been made, and neither should any of the world’s worst actress Lindsay Lohan’s other films) or at album / book signings. I feel bloody cheated that I kissed backing drummer Harry Judd at the launch signing for Unsaid Things, having been conned over the years by McFly into thinking drummer Judd was a member of McFly, and I feel bloody idiotic for ever having thought that drummer Harry Judd has a handsome face (the video for their new single proves that Rashman & Fletch – McFly’s managers – and video director David Spearing don’t think drummer Harry Judd has a handsome face) . I was also planning to kiss Dougie Poynter at the Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas signing at Waterstones in Bluewater last November (but decided not to because of time constraints). McFly should stop pretending that Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd are actually band members.

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