What you can do about annoying phone calls

If you are frequently pestered by people ringing you about non-existent road accidents (I can’t drive and I’ve had these calls – in fact I had a call about some “minor road accident” this morning), non-existent insurance policies, broadband that you don’t have etc., thereĀ isĀ something you can do about it.

You can send a FREE text message to 7726 and they investigate the number (though obviously they can’t do anything if the annoying call-makers hide their number, which they sometimes do).

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Movie triple bill

As you may be aware, BCAFC lost and Thistle are out of the Scottish Cup.

Last night I watched a movie triple bill consisting of Despicable Me, Zoolander and The Gorgon. Three great films. I must now have seen Despicable Me about 100 times (and Zoolander almost as many). The police chief in The Gorgon – more concerned with asserting his authority and flashing his stunningly beautiful Pat Troughton eyes than conducting investigations that don’t involve beautiful women – displays pretty much the same level of incompetence as Chief Wiggum and many real-life police officers.

Happy Year of the Monkey x

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RIP David Bowie

“We can be heroes just for one day”.

He was certainly one of mine. Another legend gone.

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My 42nd birthday

I saw the new year / my 42nd birthday in watching Old Grey Whistle Test: 70s Gold on Yesterday.

For my birthday I got an interesting-looking book – H Is For Hawk by Helen Macdonald – plus money and chocolate. Like last year I also received an email message from Iker Casillas’ official website.

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Christmas 2015

For Christmas I got Ian McMillan’s book Neither Nowt Nor Summat, Volume 13 of Doctor Who: The Complete History – about the making of The Mind Robber (my favourite Who story ever), The Invasion and The Krotons – plus money and chocolate.

I enjoyed The Husbands Of River Song (I’d found the latest Doctor Who series a bit varying in quality).

Tomorrow is my 42nd birthday. Happy 2016 x

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Buon Natale


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Earth Hour 2016

I’ve signed up for 2016’s Earth Hour, which is on Saturday 19th March. You can sign up at http://www.earthhour.wwf.org.uk

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