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Paranoid lad

Earlier I walked past the paranoid youth next door in the street. When I walked past him, he flinched as if I was about to hit him. I expect he may tell Idiot Housing Officer Woman (whom he’s reported non-existent … Continue reading

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I have just received a pathetic e-mail from somebody calling themselves "J***** S******" (too cowardly to put their full name)¬†claiming that they saw me the¬†other day and calling me a "freakshow" and a "pathetic minor". I don’t know how this … Continue reading

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Lemony Snicket

As one of 70 winners of a competition to attend the latest Unfortunate Event, I ventured to the Clink Prison Museum in Southwark on Monday. The event was most entertaining, beginning with the singing of "Unhappy Birthday" to a girl … Continue reading

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