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Pain in the bum

  That kid (who is a year or two older than I thought she was, as she says she’s been expelled from the local comprehensive) came round THREE TIMES yesterday, including once to accompany a cold-caller. She has obviously noticed … Continue reading

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This isn’t right…

This kid of about 10 or 11 keeps coming round to see me. She is the daughter of a neighbour and I don’t think she realises I’m nearly 33. I have explained to her that I’m planning to move and … Continue reading

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Paranoid next door neighbour

I actually had to apologise to that loony next door for various things on Saturday morning, because he was agitated by the fact that I had left the building (albeit by a different exit) as he was going in. I … Continue reading

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Scissor Sisters in MOTO RED Square

I was one of the lucky people who had tickets to see the Scissor Sisters in MOTO RED (aka Trafalgar) Square on Saturday night. It was a great show, with Jake Shears making about six costume changes – including a … Continue reading

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