Christmas and birthday

Before Christmas I wrote a long letter to an independent organisation about the housing clowns.
For Christmas I got a Boots giftcard, a Waterstones giftcard, four Wispas and a bag of chocolate euro coins. I was one of the 14 million people who watched the fantastic new Wallace & Gromit.
For my birthday yesterday I got a book ("Pies & Prejudice: In Search of the North" by Stuart Maconie), some Body Shop Ananya perfume oil, some bubble wrap and a metal bookmark with a butterfly charm on it.

About cometorachel

I am a stand-up comedian and writer who has had hemiplegia, a rare-ish form of cerebral palsy which affects one side of the body (in my case the right) since birth. I also have curvature of the spine. I speak German, Spanish and Italian just about fluently, French badly, and am currently learning Portuguese. I have been a vegetarian for many years. I am on Facebook at and Twitter at
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