New “about” section on this blog

I’ve updated the “About” section on this blog – the link to my Twitter page didn’t work properly (I’ve checked and it does work now) and like most people I no longer use my MySpace so I’ve deleted the link to that.

I wish people would stop saying that I stink just because they don’t like my hemi or my curvature of the spine. The most common time for people telling me that I stink is when I’ve recently washed. On 12 March 2012 – the day before McFly’s Margate gig which I understand I was banned from – one bully even told me that “McFly don’t want you at their concert because you stink” (the same gentleman had on a previous occasion told me “F**k off, you stink”).

Incidentally, I couldn’t even watch the live streaming of McFly’s 10th anniversary gigs at the Royal Albert Hall – which I understand I was also banned from – because I don’t have internet access at home.


About cometorachel

I am a stand-up comedian and writer who has had hemiplegia, a rare-ish form of cerebral palsy which affects one side of the body (in my case the right) since birth. I also have curvature of the spine. I speak German, Spanish and Italian just about fluently, French badly, and am currently learning Portuguese. I have been a vegetarian for many years. I am on Facebook at and Twitter at
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