My Doctor Who wish list

In random order:

1. Some more of the missing episodes to turn up somewhere. Anywhere. Just as long as they’re found. (I would especially like The Power Of The Daleks to turn up somewhere).

2. When the excellent An Adventure In Space & Time is repeated on any channel, they must always show the mini-documentary at the end. (It was repeated on the Drama channel without the bit at the end once, even though it said on the electronic programme guide on my TV that the mini-documentary would be shown.)

3. A sequel to An Adventure In Space & Time about the Troughton era of the show, with a mini-documentary at the end.

4. Actually, come to think of it – to commemorate next year’s 50th anniversary of the first regeneration, some TV company must make a full-length documentary about Pat’s life and career.

5. No moving the new series around in the schedules for other programmes.

6. I’d love to see an episode made in a faux-documentary style. But I think a musical episode would be naff.

7. I don’t mind who the new companion is, as long as it’s not Lindsay Lohan.


About cometorachel

I am a stand-up comedian and writer who has had hemiplegia, a rare-ish form of cerebral palsy which affects one side of the body (in my case the right) since birth. I also have curvature of the spine. I speak German, Spanish and Italian just about fluently, French badly, and am currently learning Portuguese. I have been a vegetarian for many years. I am on Facebook at and Twitter at
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